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Is your health AND your smile important to you?

Do you want to go to a dentist office that feels more like home than, well, a dentist’s office?

Do you want the plan for your dental health to be based both on your personal needs and years of advanced research and training?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Westlake Village Dental Health is the Los Angeles Area Dental Team for you!

Westlake Village Holistic, General and Cosmetic Dentistry

At Westlake Village Dental Health, we believe you are a patient who deserves the best dental treatment and the same service our team would provide their own family.  The team at our dental office in Westlake Village strives to provide you with comfortable dentistry. From the moment you arrive, friendly and highly qualified dental professionals will meet you with a smile.  Our team strives for “You” oriented holistic dental services and will do many little things to create an environment that feels even more relaxing than your home.

It costs nothing to come by for a visit to our Dental Office. If you would like to visit Westlake Village Dental Health, California dentistry, and see the difference for yourself, please call (805) 494-4887 or contact us online.

Dr. Mike Choi and our team look forward to meeting you!

What makes Westlake Village Dental Health different from other dental offices?

Every Dentist is Taught to Make a Plan for Your Mouth the Same, Right?  Wrong.

If your dentist is not a prosthodontist, they may not have been trained in creating a science based COMPLETE treatment plan.
Other dentists may not know to think of questions like “How will your new crown change your smile or long term dental health?” “Will those veneers affect your bite, or even your overall health?”

Dr. Mike Choi knows how to make sure these questions, and many more, are answered with a science based, but personally comfortable, approach.

In addition to completing dental school at USC, Dr. Choi received three years of further training in Prosthodontics, one of the nine specialties of dentistry. Dr. Choi’s scientifically based approach to dentistry sets him apart from other general and cosmetic dentists.

Dr. Choi puts his knowledge and experience into practice by designing a dental plan that is based on your unique needs, both physical and emotional.  Our team of dental professionals understands that a dentist’s office brings about different feelings for each person. The staff will go out of their way to make you feel at ease.  We have worked with extreme cases of fear of the dentist and brought them about to enjoy their visits to Westlake Village Dental Health.

Holistic Dentistry Also Means Patient Education

Don’t worry, we won’t be quizzing you. Westlake Village Dental Health places great emphasis on educating patients about treatment options and oral health issues.  Our dentistry team is all about your oral health and wellness, and your education is critical.

General And Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Westlake Village Dental Health is proud to provide the highest quality of dental care through the following services:

  • Diagnostic (Exam and Diagnosis)
  • Preventive (Oral Disease Prevention)
  • Cosmetic (Esthetic Treatments)
  • Restorative (Repairing Teeth)
  • Periodontics (Gum Treatment)
  • Amalgam Removal (Silver, Mercury Filling)
  • Oral Surgery (Mouth Surgery)
  • TMJ (Jaw Joint Treatment)