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Dr. Choi’s scientifically-based, holistic leaning approach to dentistry sets him apart from other general and cosmetic dentists.

Dr. Mike Choi

You can rest assured that you are in great hands as Dr. Choi is highly trained. Dr. Choi graduated from USC with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and minoring in Sociology. He graduated from the USC School of Dentistry and continued his graduate studies in Prosthodontics, one of the nine specialties in dentistry, for an additional 3 years of training. Prosthodontists make up only 3.4% of practicing dentists.

Westlake Village Dental Health: General Dentistry & Prosthodontics

At Westlake Village Dental Health, we believe you are a patient who deserves the best dental treatment and the same service our team would provide our own families.

We believe in providing quality and thorough dental care. Furthermore, we strive to provide comfortable dentistry. We go above and beyond the standard care of dentistry to create an environment that feels even more relaxing than your own home.

Is your health AND your smile important to you?

Do you want to go to a dentist office that feels more like home than, well, a dentist’s office?

Do you want the plan for your dental health to be based both on your personal needs and years of advanced research & training?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

Westlake Village Dental Health is the Los Angeles Area Dental Team for you!

Holistic Dentistry Also Means Patient Education

Westlake Village Dental Health places great emphasis on educating patients about treatment options and oral health issues.

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