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Full Service Comfortable, Holistic Dentistry from a Los Angeles Area Prosthodontist

What does a holistic approach in prosthodontics mean to you? Exceptionally Caring and Long Lasting Dentistry

At Westlake Village Dental Health, Dr. Mike Choi and our experienced dentistry team work hard to go above and beyond the standard concept of dentistry. No matter what service you are looking for, we want you to enjoy your time with us and be confident you are getting some of the best dental care possible.

Dr. Mike Choi spent three years training at the University of Southern California in the dental specialty of Prosthodontics to effectively develop dental planning tailored to the patient’s needs.  Every service we provide, from cleanings to fillings to cosmetic dentistry will be driven by a complete, science based approach that focuses on your personal comfort.

Prosthodontics Takes Your Dental Health to the Next Level

Prosthodontics provides a scientific, holistic approach to your dental health that incorporates the function of every individual tooth to the rest of the mouth and the body. Westlake Village Dental Health redefines the concept of dentistry in California by combining holistic dental practice with high-level patient care in a comfortable dental office. Entrusting your oral health to Dr. Choi and our dentistry team results in a beautiful smile and increased self-confidence, knowing you have an amazing smile!

General Dentistry to Cosmetic Dentistry in Westlake Village | We Have You Covered

Westlake Village Dental Health gladly offers all the general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services listed below.  To learn more about the services our Westlake Village dental office offers, follow the links below, call our California dentistry at (805) 494-4887, or contact us online.

Diagnostic (Exam and Diagnosis)

  • Digital X-rays Diagnostic Impressions.
  • Comprehensive Oral Exams.
  • Consultation and Treatment Planning.
  • Vitality Tests.
  • Cracked Tooth Test.
  • Gum Disease Diagnosis.

Preventive (Oral Disease Prevention)

Cosmetic (Esthetic Treatments)

Restorative (Repairing Teeth)

Periodontics (Gum Treatment)

  • Non-Surgical gum treatment with lasers.
  • Dental Implants.
  • Bacteriological Studies.

Amalgam Removal (Silver, Mercury Filling)

  • Replaced with Biocompatible dental material.

TMJ (Jaw Joint Treatment)

  • Night Guard
  • Sport Bite Guard


No Matter How Bad You Think Your Teeth Are, There is Always an Answer

Whether you need a cleaning after many years or major dental work, Dr. Mike Choi and our dental team at Westlake Village Dental Health understand the often difficult decision to take the step and do something about your dental health. Our team considers you an individual person, with unique needs and expectations, which we work hard to satisfy.

At Westlake Village Dental Health, our cosmetic and restorative dentistry team bring the scientific training of Prosthodontics to dentistry to ensure your needs are met with precision and care. Dr. Choi and our caring personnel practice medical and restorative planning on a holistic, patient-oriented basis designed according to your needs.

To contact us or schedule an appointment with Dr. Choi, please call our Westlake Village Dental Health, California office at (805) 494-4887 or contact us online.

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