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Sedation Dentistry


Are you afraid of your dental procedure? Sedation Dentistry can help

Sedation dentistry has become popular because it helps patients to remain calm, which in turn allows doctors to perform procedures in a timely fashion. Sedation dentistry pertains to the use of pharmacological medicine (also known as sedatives) to relax a patient and minimize sensation prior to and during a dental appointment. Because sedation dentistry makes patients feel comfortable, sometimes getting them close to a completely unconscious state, dental procedures become stress-free. Sedation Dentistry allows Dr. Choi and the team to do more in a single visit.

Sedation Dentistry is safe and has almost no side effects. Sedation dentistry can also have many positive effects besides alleviating fear.

Some of the advantages that come with sedation dentistry can drastically affect the patient’s experience and the willingness to complete treatment. These advantages are:

  • Increased comfort for patient and dentist.
  • Patient relaxation and cooperation.
  • Reduce fear of needles
  • Control of gag-reflex.
  • Money/Time saving especially for large Full Mouth Reconstruction & Cosmetic Dentistry Cases
  • Depending on the procedure, little to no pain at all.


Come Learn More About Sedation Dentistry

Westlake Village Dental Health dentistry that often utilizes sedation dentistry for patients to provide a tranquil experience and help alleviate dental anxiety. Regardless, you should learn more about sedation dentistry and if it is right for you. This can be done by call and setting up an initial consultation with Dr. Choi.

At Westlake Village Dental Health, “fear of the dentist” does not stop patients from coming and taking steps toward better oral health and a more beautiful smile. Dr. Choi and our dentistry team will provide you with caring service that will alleviate your anxieties. To schedule an appointment or visit, contact our Westlake Village Dental Health, California office at (805) 494-4887 or reach us via e-mail.

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