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What Are the Advantages of Seeing a Prosthodontist?

By seeing a Prosthodontist, you can be sure that Dr. Choi will approach your case holistically because of the scientific background required in the dental specialty of Prosthodontics. In other words, Dr. Choi will not only look at the tooth that needs treatment, but at your whole mouth. This is beneficial for the patient because treatments are comprehensive and long lasting.  The treatment from prosthodontics dentists results in certain advantages for patients over a general dentist.  These advantages include but are not limited to:

  • Complete oral health view to changing your smile
  • Understanding of long-term implications of different types of procedure (for instance, “Is this the best material for your crown?”)
  • Creation of a scientifically- based treatment plan, rather than an experiential based treatment plan.   Scientifically based treatment plans are seldom covered in regular dental schools, while they are taught in depth to prosthodontists.

To benefit from the advantages offered by the field of Prosthodontics, contact Dr. Mike Choi today to schedule a visit or appointment to our Westlake Village Dental Health office at (805) 494-4887 or contact us online.

What is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is one of the nine recognized specialties of dentistry, and it benefits you by concentrating on the whole mouth. Instead of just treating one tooth at a time, Dr. Choi focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the entire oral function. Prosthodontist Dr. Choi has been trained to treat the mouth as an entire entity. Prosthodontics brings a scientific approach to dentistry, looking at every tooth as integral parts of a whole. This means better chewing and biting, and an improved dental appearance for you.

Does Prosthodontics Require Special Training?

Yes, in addition to dental school, prosthodontists undergo three years of additional training focused on the restoration of oral function. A prosthodontist can get your teeth looking great because they focus on the cosmetic rehabilitation and replacement of teeth. Because of his prosthodontist training, Dr. Choi can plan your complete treatment using his mastery of devices such as implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, and dentures.

Who Should See a Prosthodontist?

Great news, everybody can see a prosthodontist! Prosthodontists can perform basic dentistry tasks like oral hygiene maintenance, to complex full mouth restorations. Patients with stunning smiles to patients who need full mouth rehabilitation come to Westlake Village Dental Health. No matter what sort of smile you have, the goal of a prosthodontist is the same: providing superb dental comfort, appearance, and health.

At Westlake Village Dental Health, you will meet Dr. Mike Choi, an experienced Prosthodontist, one of the nine dental specialties. To benefit from the services offered by the Prosthodontics dental specialty, contact Dr. Mike Choi today. Our caring staff looks forward to welcoming you and meeting your dental needs!

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