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Full Mouth Restorations | Full Mouth Reconstruction


If you need major dental work to your entire mouth, where should you start?

Our Westlake Village Dentist Office has worked with many dental patients that have felt hopeless and have had no idea where to start.

How to Find the Best Dentist in the Los Angeles Area for Major Dental Work

Even if you don’t come to visit Dr. Choi and our team at Westlake Village Dental Health, there are a few things you should not settle on when looking for a Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist.  You should find an experienced dentist in an office that makes you comfortable.  You should understand all of your options for full mouth reconstruction.  Once you decide to move forward, you should make sure to have a science based plan for giving you the smile you both want and need.

Dr. Choi and his experience in the field of Prosthodontics results in a combination of science and patient care tailored to different dental needs.  Dr. Choi assists patients with needs including:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Dental work that does not match
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Receding or bleeding gums
  • Chipped teeth
  • Moving teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Broken crowns
  • Broken teeth at the gum line
  • Years of neglect

Because of these dental issues, patients come to Westlake Village Dental Health for a variety of services.  These services offered at Westlake Village Dental Health range from basic cosmetic dentistry procedures to complex full mouth restorations. Dr. Choi carefully utilizes treatment planning to design a process that accommodates the patient’s unique case.

Why Should I Go to Dr. Choi For My Full Mouth Reconstruction?

There are three major reasons we feel you should consider Dr. Choi if you need major dental work to rehabilitate your mouth.  First, our entire team aims to make you feel as comfortable mentally and physically as possible. Second, Dr. Choi and our team takes a holistic approach to dentistry so we will consider not just fixing your teeth but how your entire body is affected. Third, Dr. Choi is a dental specialist, having been trained in Prosthodontics, which means a research driven, scientifically based plan for your mouth.

Why Should I Go to a Prosthodontist For My Full Mouth Reconstruction?

There are several reasons to go to a prosthodontist.  As a prosthodontist, Dr. Choi

  • Creates a scientifically proven treatment plan to make your mouth beautiful and healthy
  • Understands the best materials, methods and technology for creating a smile you will love
  • Creates a treatment plan that is cost effective now but can also save you thousands of dollars in the long run
  • Will ensure that the dental work is long lasting, healthy, beautiful and comfortable based on his additional years of training from dentists that are not prosthodontists


How Does the Process for Full Mouth Rehabilitation Work at Westlake Village Dental Health?

In the case of a full-mouth rehabilitation, the process begins with an initial appointment followed by a long-term treatment.  Schedule your first appointment toward a healthy and good-looking smile by contacting Westlake Village Dental Health at (805) 494-4887 or reach us via e-mail.

Initial Appointment for Full Mouth Reconstruction

The initial appointment serves for strict data collection. Our Westlake Village cosmetic dentistry team takes photographs and radiographs of the patient’s teeth, analyzes the relationship between the upper and lower teeth, examines the biting functions, studies whether there are needs for extractions or implants, and establishes which teeth have a long-prognosis and are good candidates to withstand the treatment.   Dr. Choi then studies the uniqueness of the case by conversing about the patient’s habits, lifestyle, and medical history.  Also, Dr. Choi makes patients feel at ease by gathering information in regards to the patient’s input, expectations, time, limitations, and financial restraints.  After gathering all this data, Dr. Choi designs a treatment plan that accommodates and effectively responds to the patient’s needs.


The treatment of a full-mouth restoration heavily depends on the patient’s unique case.  Depending on the specific restoration, Dr. Choi may begin the rehabilitation by making casts of the teeth and doing crowns or veneers, or may decide to incorporate surgeon consultations. These consultations provide an accurate and specific plan for implants, as well as a medical outlook of the patient’s unique bodily response to such procedures.
Basic dental processes, like replacing a bridge, may take around two weeks.  A complex full-mouth restoration may take twelve to sixteen months.  Much of the duration of treatment comes from healing-related time allocations necessary to secure the procedures undertaken.  Although it may seem like a long process, the restorations are accompanied by the advantages of the Prosthodontics practice.  Westlake Village Dentistry specializes in engineering for longevity:  Dr. Choi is able to give you a good-looking, healthy smile with results that last!

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