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Comfortable Dentistry

Afraid of the Dentist? We Can Help

At Westlake Village Dental Health being afraid of the dentist can be a thing of the past. The caring and gentle staff understands the necessity of providing a patient oriented experience. Part of Dr. Mike Choi’s training as a prosthodontist includes coming up with a treatment plan that accommodates every patient’s unique needs. Westlake Village Dental Health provides a comfortable dental experience, aimed to ease your concerns, fears and anxiety about visiting the dentist.

Working Hard to Alleviate your Fear of The Dentist

Our friendly team at our Westlake Village Dental Office is trained to recognize signs of anxiety or fear, and most importantly, to help patients cope with the stress associated with dental visits.  Prior to your appointment, we can provide you with mild anti-anxiety pills to ease patient fears (always encouraging a driver to accompany you).  We also believe in communicating and establishing relationships that will make patients feel at ease during the dentist appointment.

An “UnDental” Dental Office in Beautiful Westlake Village CA

Hate that dentist office smell?  So do we. At Westlake Village Dentistry we have created a relaxing environment, which does not have the smell or feel of a common dental office. At our dental office in Westlake Village, California, you will meet friendly and welcoming staff trained to assist you in any of your dentistry needs or to help alleviate any fear or dental anxiety.   Many times we have received comments from patients saying how “undental” our office feels.  Dr. Mike Choi has strivde to provide an atmosphere that feels more like going to a friend’s home than going for a dental visit!

Come and see the difference for yourself by scheduling an appointment or visit to our Westlake Village Dental Health, California office at (805) 494-4887 or contact us online.

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